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Ashley Furniture HomeStore - Jacksonville, Florida
"We have worked with CEO John Egger and his staff for many years. Ashley Jacksonville has become a great success in part because of the great work by Profitability Consulting. Extremely talented and knowledgeable staff. They are the very best in the business. I highly recommend PCG for all aspects of Furniture retail consulting."
– Howard Fineman
Ashley Furniture HomeStore - Jacksonville, Florida
Howard Fineman and John Egger
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Rooms and Rest - 4 Locations in the MN Area
"We engaged Profitability Consulting to analyze and evaluate all facets of our operation. All of their key people were involved in this process, and made significant enhancements to all areas of our business. We recommend PCG highly."
– Tom Scheman
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Deets HomeStore - Norfolk, Nebraska
"We have worked with PCG for many years now. John and his team always find ways to help us improve our front and back end operations, leading to increased sales and profitability and most importantly, to our improved quality of life. We recommend them highly."
– Ron Deets
Deets Furniture - Norfiolk, Nebraska
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Del Sol Furniture

Del Sol Furniture - Arizona
"We at Del Sol have used PCG in all aspects of our business for years. They are instrumental to our growth and profit. They understand the industry and how to help retailers better than anybody I know."
– Alex Macias
Alex Macias of Del Sol Furniture
Alex Macias of Del Sol meeting at High Point Market
with Steve Smith, John McCloskey and John Egger
Increase Profit Margin

Indiana Furniture and Mattress - Val Paraiso, IN
"We have been working with the entire PCG team for years and we have received back ten fold whatever we have spent. They are the Best!"
– Ashley Miller owner IFC
Alex Macias of Del Sol Furniture
Matt Steinhilber manager and owner Ashley Miller meeting at High
Point Market with John McCloskey, Steve Smith and John Egger
Increase Profit Margin


Herron's Amish Furniture and Better Sleep Gallery
Okolona, Ohio
"I appreciate the reputation of character, integrity and knowledge Profitability Consulting Group has with their clients. Their consultations and training have been empathetic and understanding, yet truthful and challenging. We, also, are enjoying larger gross and net profits - we are a small shop and are more profitable even after digesting their fees than we were last year without P.C.G.

I am grateful for the continued growth even several months post training (we are currently up 18% up over last year). I am thankful for the insight into some of the most simple things I was overlooking. But I am extremely appreciative that we have their council, services and accountability for an entire year beyond their initial visit. Our only regret is that we didn't do it sooner."
– Robert Herron
Increase Profit Margin

Miller Brothers Furniture
Falls Creek, PA - Punxsutawney, PA
"I came into the family business three years ago with fifteen years of managing experience in a non-related field. Running a nonprofit organization is about as far from retail as you can get.

As a relative newcomer to the furniture industry, I have found the Sales Trac training program to be not only a benefit to my sales staff, but an incredible opportunity for me to learn the nuts and bolt of furniture sales. My staff has responded well to the program and really seemed to enjoy the training sessions. The format of the book is easy to follow, easy to refer to, as well as an easy tool to teach new hirers.

The availability of the trainers to help you in the days, weeks and months following the sessions is a tremendous help.

I have been very pleased with the way that my management team has responded to Management Trac. Several of my managers have come through the company as sales associates and have been involved in a wide variety of sales trainings over the years. They all feel that from the sales associates’ side this is the BEST they have seen.

Sales associates are not only offered suggestions on how they need to conduct themselves to become more successful, but they are shown with undeniable mathematics how simple changes, that make perfect sense, can make them more successful. What my managers like the best is that this is the ONLY program that we have participated in that went on to teach the managers (coaches) how to keep the excitement going after the initial “HONEYMOON” stage. Previous programs have left even the best of my managers borrowing a phrase from Nike……JUST DO IT.

My team is a work in progress. We are making forward progress. We are thankful to Profitability Consulting Group for the training program that they have created. It is well worth both the money and time invested. We have seen measurable results on the sales floor and have more confidence in ourselves as Coaches."
– Miller Brothers Furniture
Miller Brothers Furniture - Pennsylvania
Increase Profit Margin

C. S. Wo & Sons, Ltd. - Honolulu, Hawaii
"Great ideas combined with great implementation assistance, helped us make a significant reduction in our operating expenses as a percentage of sales.

Working with Profitability Consulting Group was a very unique experience for us. Not only did they present us with creative solutions to problems, they rolled-up their sleeves and worked side-by-side with us to implement their recommendations. When it comes to communication and training, they have the ability to work effectively with everyone from the executive suite to the guys on the loading dock, which makes sure the changes stay in place."
– Edmund N. Nakano
  Vice President, Secretary & Treasurer
C. S. Wo & Sons - Hawaii
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Fashion Furniture - California
"Since working with Profitability Consulting Group we have seen very dramatic positive changes on both the top and bottom line in our business in a very short periods of time. We are very happy."
- Rod Avedikian
Increase Profit Margin

Bostic-Sugg Furniture - Greenville, NC
"All the consultants at PCG have been first class. We knew we had to make changes in our new store and they have paved the way. For our Grand Opening we will be hitting the floor running and I am never looking back.

PCG has the ability to understand and resolve all situations that we presented them with, and they were able to work successfully with the diversity of our group; yet still explain things on each person’s level without making them feel intimidated or discouraged."
- Britt Laughinghouse
Increase Profit Margin

Belfort Furniture - Washington, DC & Northern Virginia
Mike Huber Owner and CEO says Belfort has worked with PCG for a decade. "When we won national Retailer of the Year award from NAHFA, I told John Egger CEO, 'we couldn't have done it without your help.' I highly recommend PCG."
–Mike Huber
Increase Profit Margin

Knight Furniture, Sherman Texas

Knight Furniture - Sherman, Texas
"There are a lot of “consultants” in our industry, and I have worked with several over the years. John Egger, Taylor Ganz and Steve Smith are the real deal, and the only ones I routinely contact for everything from business analysis and guidance to bigger long term training projects. I have known or worked with them in some capacity for over 10 years, and have had multiple on-site visits from their team. From sales to operations, front line to management, I know I can trust the PCG team to have a positive impact on my business."
– David Gunn
Dale Gustafson and Steve Smith
Taylor Ganz and David Gunn
Increase Profit Margin

Gustafson's Furniture

Gustafson's Furniture - Rockford, IL
"Since hiring PCG and Steve Smith, our sales are up 3M in a down economy."
Dale Gustafson and Steve Smith
Steve Smith and Dale Gustafson
Increase Profit Margin

The Furniture Mall of Kansas

The Furniture Mall of Kansas 
"John has an unsurpassed passion for improving furniture operations. Combining this passion with industry expertise and high energy, he makes good things happen in a hurry. What a pleasure it is to have John in our store or D.C. to work on a project, but the best part are the improved processes that he leaves behind!"
– Jeff Winters
Jamie Winters Jeff Winters and Bob Winters of The Furniture Mall of Kansas with John McCloskey of PCG
The Winters family, Jeff, Jamie and Bob with John McCloskey of PCG
Increase Profit Margin

Sofa Select- Mishawaka, IN
"I like the simplicity in which the training was laid out and presented. Steve Smith is great at what he does. John McCloskey took his time and explained everything thoroughly. He gave us better insight on issues with QC and inventory."
– Tom Eslinger
Increase Profit Margin

Miller Waldrop - NM
"PCG suggested the perfect timing for our training. The changes that we’ve implemented are so valuable. It also allowed us to polish up on some things and it all seemed to sink in easily to our staff. We liked the “sketching,” and loved it the day Steve Smith went out on the sales floor and watched the sales team. It taught our manager how to be a better sales manager."
– Becky Waldrop
Increase Profit Margin

Pierce Furniture - Muscatine, IA
"PCG gave structure to use for running/turning company in right direction. The Warehouse Trac gave practical ideas to implement changes."
– Dave Pierce
Increase Profit Margin

Sylvan Furniture

Sylvan Furniture - Lewiston, ID
"PCG, John McCloskey was great! They brought what we needed….Style!!  He addressed all of our concerns and questions well. This training will enable our staff to do “touch ups” now, instead of outsourcing them-thus, increasing profits."
– Karen Shaul
Increase Profit Margin

Ashley Furniture HomeStores, Killeen Texas

Ashley Furniture HomeStores - Killeen, TX
"Since we began working with Profitability Consulting Group, Ashley Killeen has achieved dramatic increases in profitability and positive cash flow as well as significant improvements in the culture of our stores. This would not have been possible without having PCG drill down and improve all areas of our business from the back end to our systems to the front line."
– Sandra Skinner
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